DAY 1: Washington D.C.

DAY 1 of PROVISIONS FOR BUOYANCY performance action series!  Launched today in Washington, DC – Capitol of the US!

Today I had many conversations with those enjoying the park, monument and memorials on the first day of memorial day weekend. The day started out sunny and hot and by the late afternoon, rain clouds rolled in.

Here’s a map of today’s route:

Performance Action Path, Washington, DC


Additional maps are post below, sourced from the NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Indicator to illustrate what areas would be at risk of flooding by a 6ft rise in sea levels in addition to what the current water level is.

A few images from today:


Below are two maps: one illustrates current water levels in Washington, DC and the other indicates what areas would be impacted by a 6′ rise in sea levels; both are screen captures from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administrations’ (NOAA) Sea Level Rise Viewer.

Washington, DC with a 6ft sea level rise
Washington, DC current water levels (NOAA)

Provisions for Buoyancy is a project to encounter and engage – if you see, come talk to me.