DAY 3: Wilmington, DE

Performance Action Path, Wilmington, DE

Talking with Steve and Ben Franklin

Had an informative discussion on how to potentially manage carbon emissions more effectively with these gents!

Source maps: Wilmington, DE with a 6ft rise is sea level, and current water level, from the NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

calling it a day!
The Provisions for Buoyancy project started in the summer 2017, during a four-month Artist Residency at VisArts in Rockville, MD. At which time, I began salvaging materials from dumpsters etc. and working with this refuse to create a number of provisions for buoyancy– such as a life jacket, life ring, a poncho, bodyboards, paddle board etc; I then used these as props in an initial series of performance actions. During the residency, I recorded my process in detail HERE

The posts below document a number of the performance actions produced in this series