DAY 2: Baltimore, MD

HEAVY RAIN in Baltimore today.

During the performance action, my phone kept signally alarms to indicate the risk of flash flooding in the area.

And there certainly was a lot of water accumulating. Nothing like what Ellicott City saw today though (just 35 min west of Baltimore):

Unreal! And it’s exactly this – these unbelievably severe weather events that we’re experiencing more regularly it seems – nearly every week there’s something in the news… that inspired this project. I’m not an activist; I’m an artist and a concerned citizen.

Former tugboat engineer, Rob started talking with us from his stoop #provisionsforbuoyancy #sharesameal #muchthankstorob #fellspoint #baltimorehospitality

#goodcompany #tysonetal #provisionsforbuoyancy #thanksyall

Susanna Lee, provisions’ documentor, and I were clearly drenched by the end of the day
Performance Action Path, Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD with a 6ft rise in sea levels (NOAA)


Baltimore, MD current water levels (NOAA)