DAY 4: Atlantic City, NJ

Walked a total of 13.5Km / 8.39Mi today.  Unfortunately a lot of Atlantic City is at risk of being flooded by rising sea levels.

Performance Action Path
in conversation with surfer Anthony Vitelli

Anthony, a local surfer, discussed how beach erosion is a serious problem in Atlantic City and in an effort to remediate the problem, the city takes sand from the bay, which is known to be contaminated and deposits it on the beach to try and replenish the sand; however it’s washed away before too long.

He also works as a heating and cooling technician and talked about how, after Hurricane Sandy, new houses are being required to be build on stilts; however,  the households’ heating and cooling equipment is still placed under the houses and therefore is susceptible to being damaged by flooding, which would also  result in spreading hazardous material – such as fiberglass etc.

This family had just moved to the area

This family had just moved to the area and fortunately had not experienced any floods yet. Other people I spoke with in the neighborhood said the area has a history of flooding.

Talking with Tony and Tyrone

Tyrone said he’s lived in Atlantic City all his life and more recently people are seeing water flooding streets it never has before.

Atlantic City with a 6ft rise in sea level
Atlantic City current water level